What if every meeting you led actually accomplished something real, tangible and worthwhile? What if you could lead your team to generate better ideas and solve problems faster? What if you could easily get agreement and buy-in and avoid talking in circles, getting off topic and distracted attendees doing other work? 

This powerful course will equip you with the tools, techniques and practice to run the most effective meetings of your career. Packed with over 80 Strategies, 12 Ideation Models, 8 Problem Solving Models and the MOONSHOT METHOD, a step-by-step process for planning winning workshops, this course will make any consultant, trainer, executive or professional exponentially more effective. If you take one course in your career, make it this one!



With an ever expanding workforce, leaders today HAVE to find a way to be productive and effective in online meetings. And while traditional "in person" meetings are usually bad, online meetings are usually even worse. With the unique challenges and distractions of remote attendees, most facilitation activities and techniques just don't work online making it impossible to get anything done.

Online Meeting Mastery will give you with the unique tools, techniques and strategies to be effective, engaging and productive in an online or virtual environment. If you run webinars, meetings, training or anything online, this course will help you do it better.