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Higher Energy

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Better Results

Techniques to Actually Get Things Done Online

Struggling to Lead Effective Online Meetings?

Feeling like NOTHING EVER GETS DONE in online meetings?


Tired of TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES derailing your progress?



Struggling to GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT in online meetings?

You're not alone. As more an more meetings, workshops and events go online the more  everyone is struggling to adapt and translate in-person techniques to a virtual environment. And so far the results aren't great. In fact most people absolutely dread attending online meetings. So much so over 90% of people would prefer to interact in any other way than in another online meetings. It's gotten so bad in fact, that 46% of professionals would rather renew their drivers license than sit in another online meeting.


The Problem with Online Meetings


According to the research, our online meetings just aren't getting good results. With over 50% of people finding online meetings to be unproductive and 25% of the time spent discussing irrelevant issues, virtual meetings can start to become an enormous waste of time.

And with so many back to back online meetings, attendees are more distracted than ever with 73% of employees doing other work during the meeting and almost everyone, over 90% of people daydream at some point during a meeting.

It's clear that we need something better!

Introducing... a Better Way to Lead Online Meetings

Online Meeting Mastery Logo 500


The complete, proven, step-by-step online meeting training course to help you lead interactive workshops, meetings and events that generate better ideas, solve more problems and get things done.


Online Meeting Mastery is the essential training course for this unique moment, designed to give you the specific set of tools, strategies and skills you need to excel in any virtual environment. Whether you lead workshops, training, or meetings online, this course will help you lead more interactive sessions that get better results.

After This Course You'll Be Able To:

Plan Amazing Virtual Meetings
Generate Breakthrough Ideas as a Team
Eliminate Meeting Dysfunction
Make Group Decisions
Keep Everyone Engaged
Use Virtual Sticky Notes
Lead Fun Activities that Get Better Results
Master Your Meeting Software
Look Your Best on Webcams

After this course, you will be able to effectively plan and lead ANY Online Meeting, Workshop, Summit or Event.

  • Online Workshops
  • Virtual Team Meetings
  • Online Events
  • Remote Classes
  • Online Training
  • Virtual Brainstorming Sessions
  • Virtual Project Meetings
  • Virtual 1:1 Meetings
  • Online Team Building

What You'll Get


We designed this course to include absolute everything you need to master online meetings. This 8 hour, on-demand online course includes 60 step-by-step training videos where we will walk you through exactly how to start incorporating these effective online strategies into your own meetings. You'll also get a complete set of interactive activities specifically designed for an online environment, downloadable agenda templates, meeting checklists, and planning guides to get started faster.

8 Hours of On Demand, World Class Training

60 Step-By-Step Training Videos

20 Online Warm Up & Ice Breaker Activities

10 Online Brainstorming Activities

8 Online Selection & Decision Making Activities

Full One Year Access to the Everything in the Course

Instant Access & Available 24/7 Online via Mobile, Tablet and Desktop


Meeting Agenda
Templates Bundle

Jump start your meeting planning process with these essential online meeting templates for 5 of the most common meeting types in both MS Word and Google Docs.


Online Meeting Software Comparison Cheat Sheet

Not sure what Online Meeting software to use? We've analyzed the entire market and listed the key features of each as well our top recommendations.


Pre-Flight Meeting Checklist

Start every meeting off right with this 25 point checklist that includes everything you need to remember to run an amazing online meeting.

Essential Planning Guide for Online Meetings

Essential Planning Guide for Online Meetings

Start planning the perfect online workshop with this essential planning guide that will take you step-by-step through everything you need for an amazing meeting.

Online Meeting Activities

Over 40 Activities for Online Meetings

Get ready to fill up your activity toolbox with over 40 online  activities for Brainstorming, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Introductions and more.


One Click Supply List for Online Meetings

We've assembled a complete list of everything we use and recommend for all our online meetings. Packed with over 20 essential items to look and sound your best.


Video Modules Included in the Course



The Essentials for Better Meetings

Module 1: Mastering Online Meetings

The Solution to Virtual Meetings

  • Welcome to the Course! (2 min)
  • The Problem with Online Meetings (8 min)
  • The 5 Fundamental Keys to Leading Amazing Online Meetings (6 min)


Create a Clear Goal and Chart a Path to Get There

Module 2: Planning Amazing Online Meetings

How to Plan Meeting that Align Around the Same Goal

  • How to Plan Better Meetings (2 min)
  • Start with a Clear Meeting Purpose (12 min)
  • How to Create a Driven Agenda (18 min)
  • Essential Planning Guide for that BIG Meeting (12 min)
  • Online, In Person or Hybrid Meeting? (8 min)
  • Inviting the Right Team (7 min)
  • Sending the Perfect 10 Meeting Invitation (4 min)

Meeting Software

Maximize How You Use Your Meeting Tools

Module 3: Mastering ANY Online Meeting Platform

How to Use Any Meeting Tool in a More Engaging Way

  • How to Mastery ANY Online Meeting Tool (2 min)
  • How to Choose the Right Online Meeting Software (8 min)
  • Managing Participants (6 min)
  • Chat Box Tips (8 min)
  • Screen Sharing Tips (12 min)
  • Polling Tips (9 min)
  • Breakout Rooms (12 min)
  • Whiteboards & Annotations (18 min)
  • Advanced Collaboration Tools (8 min)

Better Audio

Sound Better and Manage Audio Issues

Module 4: Better Audio

How to Improve Your Audio to Maintain an Attentive Audience

  • Why Audio is So Important (2 min)
  • Audio Equipment & Setup (5 min)
  • Picking the Best Location for Audio (3 min)
  • Managing Attendee Audio Issues (5 min)

Better Video

Look Your Best On Video

Module 5: Better Webcam Video

How to Use a Webcam to Create a More Engaging and connected Meeting

  • Why Use Webcam Video (2 min)
  • Webcam Equipment & Setup (3 min)
  • Webcam Placement & Framing (4 min)
  • Hollywood Lighting: Look Better on Camera with more Light (10 min)
  • Presenting with Passion & Professionalism (11 min)
  • Attire: What to Wear in Online Meeting and Top 10 Fashion Fails (5 min)
  • Backgrounds: Look More Professional by Adjusting What's Behind You (9 min)
  • Webcam Ratings: Reviewing Video Images from Real Meetings (8 min)

Setup and Final Prep

Optimize Your Laptop and Pre-Meeting Checklist

Module 6: Setup and Final Prep

Optimize Your Laptop and Run Through a Final Meeting Checklist

  • Laptop & Device Setup (6 min)
  • Essential Meeting Pre-Flight Checklist (4 min)

Introductions & ice Breaker Activites

Warm Up the Group for Peak Performance

Module 7: Online Introductions & Ice Breaker Activities

Get Your Team Primed and Ready for Optimal Engagement

  • Why Use a Warm Up or Ice Breaker (2 min)
  • The 30 Second Power Introduction (9 min)
  • 10 Team Building Warm Up Activities (12 min)
  • 5 Creativity Booster Warm Up Activities (5 min)
  • 5 Problem Solving Warm Up (5 min)

Online Brainstorming Activites

Generate Innovative Ideas

Module 8: Online Brainstorming Activities

Interactive and Engaging Activities to Develp New Ideas as a Group

  • Strategies for Better Brainstorming (5 min)
  • Group Listing Activity (6 min)
  • Round Robbin & Random Robbin (6 min)
  • Group Grid Activity (4 min)
  • Virtual Sticky Notes (12 min)
  • Rotating Flip Charts (5 min)
  • Lenses Activity (5 min)
  • All Angles Activity (6 min)

Online Selection & Decision Making

Get Alignment & Agreement

Module 9: Selection & Decision Making Activities

Activities to select the best Ideas, Reach Agreement and Make Decisions as a Group

  • Strategies for Making Group Decisions (3 min)
  • Lobbying Activity (5 min)
  • Dot Voting & Stacked Dot Voting Activity (7 min)
  • Silent Voting Activity (5 min)
  • Consensus Check Activity (8 min)
  • Group Rating Activity (5 min)
  • Priority Matrix Activity (9 min)
  • Heat Map Activity (5 min)

Managing Dysfunction

Keep Your Meeting On Track

Module 10: Managing Dysfunction in Online Metings

How to Prevent and Manage Bad Behavior in Virtual Meetings

  • 3 Prescriptions for Preventing Dysfunction (10 min)
  • 10 Techniques for Manging Dysfunctional (11 min)

Meeting Landings

Wrap Up with Momentum

Module 11: Better Meeting Landings

How to Wrap Up Online Meetings More Effectively

  • Better Meeting Landings (8 min)
  • 5 Strategies for Wrapping Up Effectively

Wrap Up & Next Steps

How to Put This Into Action

Module 12: Putting It Into Action

Final Wrap Up and Next Steps to Leading Your Own Amazing Online Meetings

  • Course Wrap Up & Next Steps (5 min)
  • Tools and Equipement List for Online Meetings
  • Templates and Course Downloads


About Brad Kammlah


As a consultant for the past 25 years, I've led literally thousands of online meetings from small team meetings to huge online workshops with hundreds of attendees from companies all over the world.

And in that time, I've learned exactly what makes some online meetings WILDLY SUCCESSFUL and what causes OTHERS to CRASH AND BURN.

I've had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits organizations and teams of all kinds and this course is a complete compilation of the best of what I've learned and developed over that time and I am so excited to share ALL OF IT, HERE WITH YOU.

In this course, you’re going to learn exactly how to lead virtual meetings that generate BETTER IDEAS and SOLVE PROBLEMS.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!



You Asked, Here's Some Answers!

Yes! Even if you've never run an online meeting before, we'll take you through step-by-step, exactly how to plan, storyboard and facilitate the perfect online meeting.


Even if you've been running online meetings for years, we've packed this course full of new, cutting edge techniques as well as a complete set of facilitation tools that you can use to take your online meetings to the next level.

Most Likely! We've found that most companies today pay for the full cost of your training since what we teach are essential skills for teams and organizations. After checkout, you'll receive a detailed receipt for your expense report.

Your course will be led by expert facilitator and founder of Moonshot Leadership, Brad Kammlah. With over 20 years of facilitation experience he's excited to share with you!

We've built this course for everyone regardless of what online meeting software you use.

All the techniques, strategies and activities in this course apply whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or any other online meeting platform.

No matter what type of meetings or what tools you use, this course will help you lead them better.

As soon as you complete your order, you will receive complete access to the entire Online Course immediately. You will receive an email shortly after checkout that will give you your login information. Enjoy!

Binge Watch Away!
It can be so frustrating to buy a course and only get access to certain modules every week. You'll receive complete access to ALL the modules as soon as you checkout.

8 hours
The entire course is about 8 hours of best in class tips, strategies and techniques for leading better online meetings!

You can watch the entire course in 1 day, watch a few hours each day for a week or spread it out over a month. It's completely up to you!

One full year!

We want you to have plenty of time to consume the course at your own pace and be able to refer back to it as you begin using these strategies in your own meetings. 


YES! A Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you purchased the online course and you're not completely satisfied for any reason, we will refund your for the entire price of the online course for 30 days from the date the course was purchased. Refunds may be requested through the Contact Page.



We want you to be OVER THE MOON about this course!


If you're not completely satisfied for any reason, you can simply let us know and we will refund you for the entire price of the online course!


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